The IMPACT Paradigm™

A communication framework that integrates six core principles: Intending Messaging Presence Attending Connecting Together

Lennard & Company coaching programs use The IMPACT Paradigm™, a framework we developed to enable people to communicate with impact and achieve their intended results. Our unique experiential learning approach incorporates  techniques for strengthening presence, enhancing collaboration and increasing effectiveness.

Coaching Programs for Individuals

  • Focus on goal attainment and high-impact performance
  • Consider the organizational context and current circumstances
  • Provide an environment for practicing skills and reflecting on experiences
  • Respect the individual's integrity, dignity and choices 

Coaching Programs for Teams

  • Focus on task performance and interpersonal relationships
  • Involve meetings with team leaders on how to interact with their teams
  • Provide opportunities for teams to reflect on key processes and interpersonal dynamics
  • Increase productivity, communication and commitment

Coaching Programs for Coaches

  • Focus on developing the core skills of effective coaching
  • Recognize the unique strengths, perspectives and experience of each coach
  • Provide the conditions for exploration, learning and development
  • Address key challenges that coaches and coaching managers encounter