Speaker Development

When you want to make effective presentations in business or academic settings:

  • Speak with confidence and focus on getting intended results
  • Establish and maintain a strong audience connection
  • Deliver clear, concise, compelling messages
  • Increase your impact by aligning your verbal, vocal and visual behaviors

    Leadership Development

    When you want to build strong relationships and influence others:

    • Communicate authentically
    • Enlist others in a common vision
    • Inspire and motivate your audience to action
    • Foster collaboration by building trust and promoting shared goals

    Faculty Development

    When you want to enhance teaching performance:

    • Expand your range of dynamic expressiveness
    • Adopt active learning approaches to increase student engagement 
    • Create compelling visuals to reinforce your words
    • Strengthen your presentation skills and increase your presence in the classroom

    of the Coach

    When you want to become more effective in managing and developing others:

    • Engage in coaching conversations that motivate clients or employees to improve performance
    • Use techniques to enhance coaching interactions and relationships
    • Achieve intended outcomes through skillful communication
    • Increase effectiveness through coaching practice in a feedback-rich environment